How to Style A Kid Space That Encourages Homework & Learning!

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How to Style A Kid Space That Encourages Homework & Learning!

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We all love to see little ones engaged in learning. It’s a beautiful thing! But getting them to knuckle-down on their homework isn’t always easy.

There are lots of factors that contribute to a child’s love of learning. Every kid is different, and there’s no handbook when it comes to teaching and parenting (or styling!).

But we’ve got a few suggestions ?? Grown-ups enjoy working in clean, productive spaces – so why not create a welcoming work space for your mini-Einstein? Here’s how…


Create a ‘work’ space separate to their ‘play’ space

When your little one is in work-mode you don’t want them being distracted by television, games, toys, or their siblings!

Creating a private work area for them will allow them to focus on their task and get it done quicker (so there’s more time to play later!).

A sturdy office desk in their bedroom can suffice as a neat and tidy homework spot. Complete the learning space by adding a bookshelf and a beanbag to encourage story-time.

And if you’re low on private space, try designating an area at the dining table and making it clear that this time is for work, not play.


Make space for school essentials

To avoid the pile of backpacks and shoes in the doorway or the lunchboxes tossed on the kitchen counter (not to mention the school notices that somehow go missing…) mark a space solely for school essentials.

Opt for a storage box or basket for school shoes, bags and knick-knacks. Or create a corner where they can keep their projects safe and stored but still accessible.

Shelves are also a great way to store school books and readers (especially if they’re out of date but still helpful) and pinboards are perfect for putting up notices and reminders.

Keeping school things in designated spaces unclutters your house from the stresses of school while keeping little ones organised for different school subjects and homework.


Choose the perfect colour

To give their workspace an extra boost, consider the colour you use for the wall paint or decoration. Colours have an effect on mood (it’s true!).

Green is a winning colour if you want to encourage comprehension and focus while reducing anxiety.

Yellow is also great for study rooms, as lighter tones aid in concentration while deeper shades can help with memory retention.

See more on this in our previous post on colours that encourage play.


Involve them in the décor styling

For styling a study space, let them take the reins! They’re going to be sitting at their office desk and staring at the wall so they might as well see something they like ??

Opt for motivational artworks, but let them pick something that inspires them. A world map is also a stylish décor feature that motivates learning. Give them lots of options and let them choose.

Get them to pick their own stationery in colours they love. Writing or making notes is a lot more fun when the pens and post-its are personalised for them!

And for more laid-back learning, like kicking back with a book on a beanbag or using games like Minecraft to test their construction skills, help them pick comfy chairs, cushions and decoration.


Until next time... happy back to school!



Information from Zanui Editorial Blog.